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Richard Hoy

Richard Hoy is a contemporary menswear designer based in Johannesburg. Richard focuses on wearable luxury pieces. Richard began his label after deciding to expand his love for creating, “After graduating from fashion design I worked in retail as a visual merchandiser. I started making men’s custom underwear part time because I was  passionate about underwear. […]

Dynamic Duos

Through the decades There are a few iconic shows that stay classics forever; shows so iconic that they have even influenced our fashion. Each decade contributed something special, each decade so recognizable in the fabrics, silhouettes and trends. We took a journey through the decades, taking inspiration from some of tv’s most iconic duos of […]


Hidden from the unrelenting winter rains of Cape Town, bundles of well-dressed individuals gathered around the runway of SAMW to imagine the vibrancy brought to life by the spring/summer collections of talented local designers. Under the all too bright lights designs float down the runway coolly, but it is the backstage panic that showcases the […]


That rush of excitement once you’ve found it; adding to your collection and satisfying your obsession. We all have one; that one item that we can’t resist, our fashion obsession. Collecting items to add to your existing collection is addictive, you become overwhelmed with an irresistible desire. Each new piece brings something new and the […]


Amongst the mutated neutrals and deep gem tones of winter lies a palette and an embodiment very few explore; the whimsical take on Winter wear. The fun creative that doesn’t adopt classic tones, the person that embraces the season as a challenge; to stand out in softer fabrics, lighter and brighter tones and edgy pieces. […]


Saturated tones change to muted sepia. The sky become becomes cloudier, trees become starker and warm tones become comforting. Autumn arrives with a grace that takes its time; a slow beauty that erupts. The transition into a new season brings about a rediscovery of classic warm colour palettes and threaded textures. This editorial, inspired by […]