The Concept of Creature

Continuous development and experimental bravery; this is what launching Creature Nicola represents and embraces.

“A strong and barely controllable emotion” is how Passion is defined. Creature Nicola is a natural progression of my passion in a way that allows for it to not only exist in its most authentic state, but indulge in creation and exploration. To me, passion is what you notice, it is what your mind automatically and subliminally observes; you unknowingly crave it.

Creature Nicola is streamlined into three focused aspects; fashion journalism, concept creation and everyday experiences. Fashion journalism works to engage with the more socio/political/economic aspects of the fashion industry. Concept creation is the creative core that celebrates the artistic and unpredictable nature of editorials. Everyday experiences deals with the practicality of fashion, sourcing and refining the greatest options as consumers and diverse individuals. These three aspects allow for Creature Nicola to investigate, create and explore. Understanding the importance of intersectionality and working with others, allows for a depth of perspective.

The visual representation of Creature Nicola in this launch piece aimed to display a dynamic and confident female powerhouse. Strong in concept, execution and symbolism.  The range of images reveal unpredictability and diversity. Surrounded by the natural environment, simple monochrome, clashing print, colour and texture create a layered sensory experience. The styling of the piece purposefully worked to contrast the neutral stability of the setting; a creature is often found in solitude, yet still slightly evading conformity. Many of the looks incorporated external familial, global and intrinsic influences. The subtle nuances of symbolism exist only to be noticed at second glance.

This piece was created to showcase who and what Creature Nicola is, as well as evade to the experiences that will be created and shared in the future.

It would be an unnecessarily realistic and hypocritical notion to define the aims of Creature Nicola; as an entity that feeds off the boundary-less nature of fashion, over defining and limiting a passion is to restrain the power that it withholds.

Photographer: Half & Halve
Stylist: Nicola Kruger


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