Balance Beam

Attempting and eventually achieving a successful relationship between personal and business orientated prospects means an intense balance. Infusing these two aspects, even if so early on, has been a learning curve.  Venturing out means it is time to walk the walk and prove the notion that females can have it. Starting young is intimidating but also means enough space and time to evolve and refine. The pressure of balancing can mean a loss of spontaneity in attempt to compensate for the unpredictable nature of life.

Home is a place of stability and routine. For some this halts free thinking, but for others it yields a safe environment in which creative processes are free to be indulged. Home has always been a place of both power and vulnerability, meaning that Creature Nicola’s existence has been gifted a sanctuary for its exploration. Part of this exploration has involved the growing confidence in ability, a notion which has been encouraged by the inspiring & defiant females and unapologetic authentic individuals of our generation. Delving into the professional aspects of a creative industry is daunting but necessary when exploring a boundary-less field.


The “business” aspect of Creature Nicola aims to use constant reflection to enjoy the space I am in as a catalyst of encouragement.  Attempting to embody both a 21st century creative and a 21st century empowered female means balancing unstructured freedom and respectful professionalism. Vibrant in loud pink and orange, but always a powerhouse in execution.

Being powerful in the personal is slightly more unstructured. Gaining a more assertive sense of self means a greater trust in ones issues of the heart, areas of investment and achieving a self-assurance untouchable by external influences. It is this private aspect of Creature Nicola which explores the conversation-style nature of interacting with humanistic issues of the industry; it is this which must be just as nurtured as professionalism. However it is this aspect which is most easily neglected in regards to protecting one’s time; who uses it up and how.

A balance beam: sway too far to one side and you will fall, sway too far to the other side and you will fall; but gain experience and confidence and the footwork will become second nature.


Photographer: Half & Halve

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