Wearing Black in Summer

This look book celebrates the versatility of the colour black. Sometimes people avoid the standout colour in summer. Wearing Black in Summer uses 3 looks in 3 different styles to showcase how black can be worn in summer, wether it be smart or casual.


A formal look in summer:

Pairing a classic black power piece, a fitted blazer, against lighter breathable materials, such as linen. The black industrial belt deformalizes the traditional idea of a blazer and shirt. Wearing summer shoes that aren’t heels are becoming more and more common for females in the working world. If it is a lean, understated and classic material, such as leather, the shoe will compliment the formality of the occasion. Rolling up the sleeves of the white shirt creates a more effortless and confident style, in this instance a three quarter blazer is a better choice. In order to achieve a formal summer look, the mixture of classic and light pieces in a simplistic manner is essential.


Casual and colourful:

The most accessible and easiest way to make black seem more casual is to use it in a complimentary manner. This compliment may be in the accessories or more understated items of your outfit. Not having a “solid” section of black stops the colour from taking over. Jeans are arguably the most versatile item of clothing, partnering a slightly lighter pair with the outfit emphasizes casual fashion. The jeans anchor the outfit as casual. Converse are an extremely interseasonal shoe, wearing black all stars adds an edge to the summer styled skater influenced look. The oversized bright yellow shirt livens up the downplayed outfit. The key to the most casual form of black in summer is to anchor it with a classically casual piece or style.


Statement style:

This outfit is made up of not only contrasting colours but contrasting styles; the bright pink against black and the contrast between the formality of the ruffled shirt and black yoga pants and fannypack. The contrasting textures make the colour blocking slightly more gentle. Having contrast within the formality of the black items makes the look fresher; yoga pants compared to mules compared to a fannypack. Wearing a more “formal” shoe in an open toed form allows for the outfit to still be appropriate in summer.  Black can most definitely be worn in summer if one pays attention to the fabrics it resides in.

Undoubtedly, black works well by itself, but when paired with statement colours and pieces, it can make a statement.

Photographer: Half & Halve
Stylist: Nicola Kruger

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