Monochromatic Mix – A/W

Wearing monotone outfits are a personal favourite of mine. Monchromatic dressing gives off a collected, classic and somehow creative look. It is more than simply focusing on a single colour, as incorporating different textures, shades and variations give depth to an outfit.  I put together three Autumn/Winter outfits, using the colours beige, white and black. I used neutral tones as they are easy to put together and versatile enough to be wearable for any occasion. Lately I have taken great inspiration from contrasting styles; a more subtle version of sports luxe.

Beaming in Beige

Beige has always been a chic colour in my eyes; taking inspiration from this thought, I put together my monochromatic look. Channelling sophisticated elegance, I chose simple pieces and a powerful form. I wanted to add a retro feel, which is why I chose an oversized golfing cap and high ponytail.  My beige mules and shoulder cape provided the power behind this outfit.  I made use of style contrast by pairing mules, formal pants and a cape with an oversized golf cap.


Wearing White

With this outfit I focused on a lighter and more casual Autumn/Winter look. I always think of white as such a fresh and lightweight colour; because of this I made use of layers and textures to transform it into the colder seasons. I contrasted white beach pants with an oversized lab-style coat. Wearing white net socks with criss-cross sandals gave it a fresher feel, as the coat was quite long and weighted.  The white cap pushed the look in a more sports luxe look. I made use of my style contrast by pairing sandals with net socks against a sports cap.


Breezy in Black

Wearing a tight black polar neck under the tracksuit top helps elevate this look. The mules worn with socks was a stylish take on heels with casual pants; a popular trend.  Adding a structured bucket hat to the outfit meant transforming the look into a more high fashion style; allowing for a mix between casual and smart. I made use of my style contrast by pairing mules and a formal bucket with tracksuit-style pieces.



With Autumn/Winter approaching, this is how I will be approaching the season. Monochromatic dressing is a really easy way to look stylish and still make use of layers for the colder seasons.

Photographer: Half & Halve


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