Monocolour Madness – A/W

Part two of my Autumn/Winter monotone style diary celebrates bright and colourful outfits. Wearing bold colours in the Autumn/Winter seasons are a great way to stand out and embrace textured layering. This time of the year is all about the layers, using a range of monocolour tones which gives great depth to an outfit. Monocolour Madness is all about celebrating an upbeat, vivid and inventive season, by indulging in the essence of a single colour.

A Treat in Turquoise

Turquoise is a bright and vibrant colour, slightly more edgy than the standard blues. This colour is great for winter as it adds some warmth and charisma to an outfit. Knitwear is great, traditional winter wear; however, one must be careful when wearing knitwear, as it may end up looking lethargic and listless.  Pairing the knitted turquoise skirt and fitted stretch cardigan with suede heels and a floral kimono brings the look up to date as the long skirt and stockings is a classic combination. The pattern of the kimono balances out the powerful colour and allows for a break in the turquoise, without taking away from the monocolour concept. The most formal of the three monocolour looks, the turquoise is an unusual colour for an edgy, smart look; making it refreshing.



Polished in Pink

This baby pink monocolour look, takes on more of a sporty/casual look. Choosing baby pink instead of hot pinks, allows for a more subtle sophistication. Hot pink is an incredible statement colour, using it for an entirely monocolour look may have been overwhelming. The way to wear light, typically “summer” colours in winter is to use light layers and a variety of textures. Baby pink raincoats are extremely popular at the moment; it adds a freshness amongst the heaviness of Autumn/Winter. The addition of retro, pink-tinted glasses, with the velvet sweatpants, gives the look a trendy touch. This monocolour look is a great example of how you can transition summer pieces into stylish outfits for the colder seasons.


Outspoken in Orange

Orange is an unmissable colour. It can be quite an intimidating and dominant colour to wear, but wearing a variety of saturated and desaturated tones adds depth to the outfit, and avoids it being overwhelming. Often times, especially in regards to the Autumn/Winter seasons, orange is reserved as a “statement piece” in an outfit. This allows for a great power piece, but orange can also be layered to produce a mature, classic and vibrant look for the colder climate. Orange goes so well with warm caramels and tan palettes, which are popular Autumn/Winter colours. This is a perfect example of smart execution; bright colours can most definitely be used in monocolour looks, so long as there is a balance of brightness.



Playing with colour is a creative and exciting process, which changes the way one looks at Autumn/Winter wear. In the words of RuPaul, “life is about using the whole box of crayons”.

Photographer: Half & Halve

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