Coffee with Creature – Half & Halve

Photographer brothers; Half & Halve are made up of Shakeel and Tash Toefy. Their work is polished, dynamic and constantly evolving. Working with Half & Halve means turning concepts into real life creations; allowing creature nicola to be a creative, colourful and artistic platform.

Not only some of my favourite photographers, but some of my favourite people. I am so lucky to have relationships with such talented people who always provide me with support; both Shak and Tash have been fundamental in the creation of creature nicola. They have inspired me with their own journey, chasing their dreams of professional photography and establishing a flourishing business.

These two really know all there is to know about fashion photography and both seem to have killer style, with accompanying killer looks.

-How did you start Half & Halve?

Well, it’s quite tricky because creativity and fashion has always been present in our family. Our mom has always been fascinated by fashion design and our dad has always been crazy about cameras. Our dad’s love for cameras may have been a contributing factor to our career choice as fashion photographers. We think it happened very organically as we were both equally passionate about fashion and the digital world. The turning point for us was just over two years ago when we attended our very first fashion show; which drove us to pursue something in the fashion industry.

-How have you managed to balance full time studying and photography?

The trick is to learn time management and not to underestimate the power of a calendar. In the creative industry it is important to put your heart and soul into your work, as your passion is what is going to drive you to your success. Balancing your studies and a business at the same time is not an easy task, but if you set realistic and achievable goals, you will find a way to make it work regardless of the challenges.

-How have you managed to achieve such growth in only two years?

What’s important is to not let any negativity discourage you from pursuing your passion. We tend to block out all the white noise and focus on the end goal.  Achieving growth in such a short time wasn’t easy because it meant countless late nights, early mornings and sacrificing the student life to build our brand. We owe a large amount of our success to networking and building meaningful relationships with fellow creatives that have assisted us in building an audience that resonates with our work.

-What role has social media played in your growth?

It allowed us to target a specific audience and helped us build a reputable portfolio of our work before we launched our website. We knew it was important to maintain a constant workflow and put out content as frequently as possible to build a relationship with brands, celebrities and, potential clients. It also forced us to engage with our audience and this pushed us to produce work as frequently as possible. This industry specifically is extremely fast-paced and in order to stay relevant, you have to work strategically

-What does the future look like for Half & Halve?

With the way things are going at the moment the future is looking extremely promising. We are almost halfway through 2018 and we’ve ticked off several of our goals we’ve set for this year already. One of our short term goals is to be named as one of South Africa’s top young fashion photographers. We are constantly working at producing work that speaks to this ever changing industry and we hope we’ll continue to grow an audience that resonates with our work.

Video by: ishphotography
Drone: Ghafeeth Davids

To learn more about this talented pairing and view their work – follow them on instagram (@halfandhalve) or view their website,


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