There’s a classic comfort that accompanies knitwear. Knitwear is timeless; it will always be a crowd favourite for all ages.


Knitwear is often ignored or seen as a too casual, more of a comfort appropriate for being at home. This notion should be disputed, knitwear adds interesting texture and therefore depth to an outfit. Layering knitwear is also one of the most classic ways of achieving a vintage feel.


As the colder days are slowly approaching, knitwear should become a greater consideration for one’s Winter Wardrobe. Oversized, thick and chunky sweaters may give a rebellious look. Tight, fitted forms may transform an outfit into a classic gentleman or ladies’ look. Often knitwear will include the intense patterns and hues that most pieces won’t; this can create a statement piece or give an outfit a retro feel.

People often shy away from knitwear out of the fear of it seeming unflattering; however, this all depends on the thickness of the knit; this is something you can avoid or embrace, play with manipulating shape and fit.

Knitwear will forever be a classic comfort which brings with it, the association of Winter fashion and comfortable clothing.


Photographer: Half & Halve
Styling: Nicola Kruger
Model: Kirsty Laguma

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