Iconic Black – The Movement

Iconic Black by Issa Leo


There are very few forms of fashion that truly embody an essence so strong that it extends itself to a social movement.

Iconic black is a luxury street wear and lifestyle brand that focuses on celebrating the essence of South Africa and the creative community. Iconic Black works to unite South Africans from any, and all, walks of life. This premium quality brand creates a relationship with its customers; a reciprocating connection which encourages creative free thought and exploration.


The powerful black and white South African logo of Iconic Black may be seen all over South Africa, and even overseas. The logo has become so recognizable that one glimpse of the monochromatic image brings to mind associations of creative projects, youth empowerment and social movement.

The outreach work of Iconic Black speaks of the powerful movement that exists. Assisting the greater community of South Africa, as well as encouraging the youth to explore, embrace and harness their creativity, passion and talents.

Iconic Blacks’ pieces are fresh, high quality and sleek. The versatile pieces of Iconic Black include their well-known range of caps, hoodies, t-shirts and vests. The range of pieces is constantly expanding to include new and innovative pieces. The beauty of luxury street wear is that these pieces can be styled as statement pieces of a street wear outfit, or  dressed up in a sophisticated, sports luxe or formal style.


Iconic Black is far more than a “brand”; Iconic Black celebrates and encourages South Africa in a way that can only be defined as social movement.


Concept Creation: Nicola Kruger
Photographer: Half & Halve
Clothing: Iconic Black by Issa Leo
Stylist: Nicola Kruger
           Models: Maya Boraine (My Friend Ned)
Theodore Afrika

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