Securing the Bag

Every individual has a fashion weakness, mine happens to be vintage bags. I cannot resist a quirky bag, I love pieces with personality. I have found some of my favourite pieces in antique boutiques, second hand markets and yard sales. I truly do love to “secure the bag”.

Doctor’s Bag

This incredible find is one of my all time favourites. This vintage piece has so much personality with the original handle, interior and engraving. One of the most standout features is the split opening that is accessed by a push down and pull lock.



White Clutch

This sleek and simple clutch is extremely versatile. The fresh white leather with the detailed cut outs allows for a classic look.



Brown Briefcase

This piece was found in an antique shop, with all original locks and interior, this piece is definitely a classic. The hard case is complemented by the departmentalized interior. This briefcase is an iconic classic and adds a vintage feel to any look.



Maroon Sling

This sling reminds me of my grandmother who had many similar bags. I prefer to wear this piece as a sling than a bag, giving it a fresher look, often tying it  like a moonbag.



Vintage Sling

I love this clutch/sling as it has an edgy finish and textured detail. This bag is one of my favourite pieces as it can easily be worn in both casual and formal forms.


Lunchbox Bag

This item is a standout piece, it steals the show with any outfit. The contrast between the material lid and wooden case makes for an intriguing look.

Photography: Half & Halve
Concept/Styling: Nicola Kruger

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