Converse Culture

There are very few brands that could be described as “iconic”. Converse is one of the very few brands that has not only stood the test of time, but continuously gained popularity through their authentic flair. Not many brands can stay relevant over the many years of ever changing trends; however the carefree Converse aesthetic has become a labelled classic for all. More than just a brand, it has created an experience and community. To own a pair of chucks is to belong a movement.

Every Converse owner can remember the very first time they wore a pair of converse shoes; these memories have become somewhat of coming of age moment. I was fortunate enough to work as a stylist on a recent Converse Campaign, Wear It With Anything. What stood out to me was the associated memories everyone on set had with their first pair of chucks; each individual could share a personal recollection of the feeling of Converse being more than simply a brand.


The “Wear It With Anything” campaign focused on the classic leather chuck; a shoe which has remained timeless. The styling of the shoot explored different eras of trends and showcased the versatility of the classic leather. The outfits showcased Converse through the ages; demonstrating, yet again, that chucks have always been, and will remain, a classic.This campaign was symbolic of Converse’s long reigning rule as one of the most popular sneakers.


The classic leather is strikingly simple; it is a shoe that can carry itself in the world of bright, patterned and constantly modified sneakers.


Something incredibly unique about converse is that the more worn a pair is, the more we love them, converse shoes tell a story, scuffs and all.  The longevity of these shoes means that they outlast the wear and tear that accumulates throughout the years; all of which come to represent the memories created in our Converse.

Converse transcends any age, race or gender defining limits; it is hard to think of any brand that is worn by such a vast proportion of society. They look just as good on senior citizens as they do on fresh faced teens. The versatility of converse means that they are appropriate for almost any occasion. The customization and variety of these sneakers means that there is one for every person, for every occasion. With one of the widest range of colour choices, you can find a shoe to match almost any difficult shade of item you have in your wardrobe. It is the variety of such a simple classic that keeps us coming back for more.

Converse is a brand that is highly in tune with their customer. One glance at campaigns, ambassadors and collaborations showcases the edgy flair that this brand endorses. Being deeply engaged with their audience, Converse are constantly providing their customers with creative new designs and revolutionary collaborations. The opening of the new Converse Store in Canal Walk means that Capetonians can explore and expand their love for the brand.

Converse has evolved to the status of a pop-culture icon and continues to prove itself to its loyal community.

Campaign: Converse – Wear it with anything
Creature Nicola piece:
Photography: Half & Halve 

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