Coffee with Creature – Anesu Chogugudza

Describing himself as “just a village boy in search of gold”, Anesu Chogugudza has become the modern day gentleman that people look to for fresh, yet classic looks. Episode 2 of Coffee with Creature met up with this young model, stylist and influencer. Anesu is best known for his tailored and sophisticated style, which led him to be named as one of GQ’s top 50 best dressed men. His knowledgeable perspective and vibrant personality means that he has appeared on multiple tv screens, on shows such as the Expresso Show and Hectic Nine9, as well as featuring in the pages of newspapers, magazines and store windows, such as Markham. Anesu Chogugudza is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion as he consistently produces exciting work, reinvents the classics and showcases his standout style.
-How have you worked to establish yourself in the industry?
I started off as a model, I’ve always made relationships along the way, constantly created content for my growing audience and from that, I’ve gradually established myself & my brand.
-How would you describe your personal style and your digital presence?
My style is relatable & versatile. I draw inspiration from everyday people so there’s always something new but relevant and cool.
-What role has social media played in your growth?
Social media is vital to any digital entrepreneur & in my career it’s been very useful and advantageous in instantly sharing my content, growing an audience & engaging with that audience.
-What does the future hold for Anesu Chogugudza?
The future is bright, exciting and promising to say the least, I’m working on an exciting project that I can not only grow but also be of vital use & a helpful resource to aspiring digital entrepreneurs. Otherwise more exciting partnerships and cool campaigns are on
the way!
Video by: ishphotography
Photography: Half & Halve

To checkout Anesu’s stylish outfits and stay updated with what he’s up to, follow him on instagram, @aneyx_.



  1. Good day. Anesu – can I please have your mother’s whatsapp number. Forgive me this is not sinister. MChidzambwa.


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