Palladium Palette

The ultimate explorer footwear perfect for the limitless adventures Cape Town has to offer.  Palladium has an interesting heritage; a brand which quickly gained attention for its comfort and durability. Palladium has been adopted as the brand of choice by a range of exploring individuals, from soldiers to rebellious youth. Wearing a pair of Palladium’s means that you are constantly ready for any spontaneous opportunity that comes your way.

Palladium and Smiley have joined forces to create the ultimate festival footwear. Palladium, celebrating its 70th anniversary and Smiley its 45th, this collaboration is as bold and as legendary as these two forces.  The striking hot pink colour caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. The festival collaboration features a removable zip pocket that’s ideal for those necessities that you don’t feel like lugging around when you’re on the move and having a good time. The contrast of the yellow details against the hot pink add a quirkiness.

The striking colour of this shoe means that it can effortlessly be worn as the focus of an outfit. I love the daring nature of this colour and took inspiration from this for the rest of my outfit.  I wore shades of hot and baby pink; a contrast within a colour, one of my favourite things.  I felt confident and adventurous in this outfit, there is nowhere to hide in this bold colour.


Shak went for a classic and versatile army green Pampa HI Lite; a colour that works perfectly with the iconic military style of Palladium. This shoe has beautiful clean and strong finishes and projects a powerful durability. “Olive night”  is a versatile and classic colour that can very easily inspire a mono-colour scheme. Shak broke up the all-olive look by introducing a contrasting purple colour, with hidden orange details.



This classic look, and colour, has stood the test of time. The fine details, such as the range of textures, makes this shoe an updated, more luxurious version, of the original designs.

Palladium has stayed at the heart of the action, serving bold individuals who dared to reshape our world.

Whether you’re wearing a refined, modern classic or a bold festival collaboration, Palladium has your back when it comes to exploring your surroundings. From concrete jungles to outdoor adventures, Palladium provides the right amount of confidence and spontaneity.

Pink: Nicola Kruger
Green: Shakeel Toefy
For more of South Africa’s most fashionable Palladium wearers, have a look at their Instagram: @palladiumboots_za

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