Saturated tones change to muted sepia. The sky become becomes cloudier, trees become starker and warm tones become comforting. Autumn arrives with a grace that takes its time; a slow beauty that erupts.


The transition into a new season brings about a rediscovery of classic warm colour palettes and threaded textures. This editorial, inspired by the emerging Autumn season, explores the toasted hues and creative layering that is inevitably persuaded during this short-lived season. The perfect middle ground between lightweight, pastel Summer and rich, muted Winter.

The tones of this season provide palettes of warmth; mustard, maroon, camel, butterscotch, rust. These hues are unique to autumn in that they exist in merging variation from one another; these intense natural tones provide the perfect basis for individual style. Nature inspires fashion in a way that creates a harmonious collaboration between the two, a collaboration which during any other season.

The colder weather calls for warmer-wear; however, the unpredictable nature of Autumn’s temperature means that one must embrace layering as the solution. Layering creates an opportunity to create symmetry, contrast or depth; layering is no longer simply practical.

Harsh textures such as tweed and plaid stake their claim over the colder months; presented by timeless pieces such as blazers and coats. The structured nature of such textures is contrasted with the softer feel of cashmere and wool. The mixing of texture creates an intense variance within Autumn fashion; from classic sophistication to edgy experimental ensembles. This editorial embraced this narrative; a Parisian wonder through the grounds, a defiant contrast of proportions and the elegance of an equestrian affair.

Autumn has dawned and the annual cascade will soon pass. The year’s golden hour will surely bring effortless looks that embrace classic pieces and dramatic twists. Harvest the narrative of Autumn’s change.


Concept/photographer: Half & Halve
Photographer assistant: Mason Makt
Styling & Written piece: Nicola Kruger
Make-up Artist: Nabeelah Karbary
Model: Laura Christell

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