Palladium – Pampalicious Campaign

Palladium has always been the original adventure gear that authentic, spirited individuals choose to explore their surroundings in. Those that choose this brand are much like Palladium; we act bold, we act different and we dare the unknown.

Palladium is a brand that always has and always will support positive change. In a world that need’s powerful leaders, positive influences and united movements; Palladium is embracing taking care of our planet, womxn’s equality and a better society.

A movement of power, of fierce and audacity

Pampalicious is one of these campaigns that celebrates and encourages gender equality. Through this campaign Palladium has supported a fundamental issue for global transformation, an issue that needs immediate addressal, an issue that is led by strong, powerful womxn.

The “Pampa Hi” is one of Palladium’s most iconic styles, it has come to represent a passion for freedom and resilience.  The Pampalicious range of the Pampa Hi comes in a palette of pastel colours; Misty Jade, Starlight Blue, Blossom and Pop Corn. The translucent style gel sole gives a fresh feeling to this classic shoe. This palette is versatile as well as standout; Misty Jade called out to me as something new and exciting, a shoe that would always grab attention and create interesting styling options.

Wearing Palladiums always ignites a rebellious attitude. It is not only the military style of these shoes, but the history and message of what has been created. Wearing my Misty Jade Pampalicious boots made me feel fierce, empowered and daring. “Uniform of the people” encapsulates this experience; you feel as if you are wearing an armour of adventure.

Revolt against conforming, against the norm, against stereotypes and the rules

Palladium is taking the message of these movements further; donations will be made from these Pampalicious styles to Amnesty International and other possible funds. Keep a look out for the exciting things to come, as Palladium’s trio of campaigns make a statement and support change.

Shoes: Palladium
Photography: Half & Halve
Styling: Nicola Kruger

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