Securing the Bag: Part II

A classic bag is an investment for any and every occasion. After years of collecting a variety of bags, I have chosen four essential black bags. The right bag will not only be functional, but perfectly compliment your outfit.

Something Simple

Everyone needs a classic, everyday bag that can be grabbed on the go. I personally prefer something mid-size and structured. Look for bags with two handles or an adjustable handle. This will be a simple yet classic investment for years to come. A quirky scarf can be added for trendy character.

Something Edgy

The statement bag is something fun and edgy. Choosing something on the smaller side ensures that the bag won’t overwhelm your look. I like to go for something with texture, gold studding gives a rock feel.

Something Functional

The functional bag is another important purchase. It is the item that holds everything you need, so you need to make sure it is big enough, but not bulky. It’s a good idea to find a bag that can be versatile for any situation you find yourself in.

Something Classy

Special occasions and events often require an elevation of style, a classy bag can be just the item to do that. An elegant accessory like a classy handbag works really nicely with minimalistic looks but can also accompany a causal look, featuring as a statement piece.

Investing in a few essential items, such as quality and classic handbags is an important step in building a wardrobe fit for any occasion.

Photographer: Half & Halve
Styling: Nicola Kruger

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