Dynamic Duos

Through the decades

There are a few iconic shows that stay classics forever; shows so iconic that they have even influenced our fashion. Each decade contributed something special, each decade so recognizable in the fabrics, silhouettes and trends. We took a journey through the decades, taking inspiration from some of tv’s most iconic duos of the times. The dynamic duos that influenced fashion forevermore.


70s – That 70s Show

Jackie and Kelso

The 70s were all about tie-dye, frayed jeans, shift dresses, knitwear and bell-bottoms. This decade is arguably one of the most influential eras of all time as it still dominants much of the fashion seen today. Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso are the stylish, iconic couple from That 70’s Show.

Jackie is known as the experimental diva of the group, exploring with a variety of styles (always perfectly accessorized). Kelso is your classic, carefree “dude” of the group, wearing vests, jumpers and bell-bottoms. This dynamic duo encapsulates the endless trends of the 70s.


80s – Stranger Things

Eleven and Mike

Stranger Things is set in the pre-internet 80’s, the era of bold colours and of course, the perm. The kids of Stranger Things are not your normal 80’s group. The gang is growing up and their style is changing with age. Eleven and Mike’s relationship is maturing, and so is there fashion.

Eleven becomes known for her tropical printed shirts and scrunchie, while Mike takes on more of a preppy aesthetic (including his iconic love for stripes of course). The kids of Stranger Things bring a mysterious darkness to the fashion of the 80’s while still staying true to the mall rat nature of the times.


90s – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Will and Jazz

The 90’s; a time of colourful tights, oversized shoulder pads, puffy tracksuits and the domination of “hip-hop fashion”. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air showcases all these trends throughout the six seasons. Best friends Will and Jazz are iconic when it comes to urban style.

The quirky pair often embrace brave combinations in the most effortless way; their crazy confident style often set them apart from the elegant surrounding of the Banks’. This dynamic duo are original contributors to the aesthetic many would call the 2019 “hype beast”.



These dynamic duos still inspire us today, a testimony to iconic style.

Styling: Nicola Kruger and Shakeel Toefy
Photography: Tash Toefy
Clothing: Never New 


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