Anime World Pt 2

Daniel Moleka of REDTHREAD APPAREL X is known for his unique perspective, inspired by the wildly creative world of anime. Daniel recently showcased his newest range at his third South African Menswear Week; at only 21 years old. The range included his classic colour palette, couture-streetwear aesthetic and his new anime-inspired merch.

REDTHREAD APPAREL X and the new range of anime inspired merch, ANIME WRLD PT 2, encourages a culture of authentic creativity. The world of anime implores a range of vivid colours, meaningful concepts and encourages the exploration of imagination; making it any designers dream come true. Daniel manages to effortless fuse the two worlds of fashion and anime together, a unique combination.

The merch collection takes inspiration from iconic anime references such as My Hero, Naruto and Vinland Saga. This collection is a representation of Daniel’s creative flair. The range includes both long-sleeves and short t-shirts. These pieces are perfect; a subtle statement designer piece that can be worn by anyone in their own way. The detail of these shirts lies in their reference and personal take.

REDTHREAD APPAREL X is known for the multi-medium effect encompassed by its creator. One of the pieces showcases a stormy visual; using free hand drawing over a photo taken for an Instagram story, Daniel created organic art.

Daniel is currently working on expanding Anime World to include a female’s range. This new collaborative project is set to be released later this year. It is clear that under the guidance of Daniel Moleka, REDTHREAD APPAREL X will continue to entice us into the exciting world of anime.

Concept creator & Stylist: Nicola Kruger
Photography: Half & Halve
Models: Dylan Turner
Ylva Hultkrantz


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