Creature. The word can be used in many ways; to refer to an unusual life form, as a way to describe someone, or even an independent entity. All of which make sense to creature nicola; in its creation, vision and expression.

The pale girl, with the long hair and the forever changing styles; I, Nicola Kruger, am Creature Nicola.


Studying a Bachelor of Social Science in English and Psychology, my approach to the industry involves extensive conceptualisation and expression in both visual and verbal aspects, as I love the way that these two aspects interact and complement one another.

As a young twenty year old living in Cape Town, I am all about trying and layering trends, texture, print and colour in order to achieve a completely independent and curious outcome. I am grateful to be growing up in such an experimental city, where flair is frequent and a restlessness is pushing young creative’s to redefine the boundaries. It is well known that Cape Town and South Africa exist as representatives for growth and inspiration; an undeniable context of creativity.

It could be said that my love affair began in my childhood with a denim jacket with a purple fluff collar and cuffs. As the years passed, I began to struggle with what I wore. I felt uncomfortable wearing all the latest trends that often didn’t suit my body and made me feel self conscious instead of confident. It was when I began to accept my differences and unique taste, that I truly understood the power of self expression through the medium of fashion. The clothing that I wear is meant to celebrate my curvy thighs and icy skin, in a way that makes me love them even more.

Creature Nicola is streamlined into three focused aspects; fashion journalism, concept creation and everyday experiences. Fashion journalism works to engage with the more socio/political/economic aspects of the fashion industry. Concept creation is the creative core of Creature Nicola, celebrating the artistic and unpredictable nature of editorials. Everyday experiences deals with the practicality of fashion, sourcing and refining the greatest options as consumers and diverse individuals. These three aspects allow for Creature Nicola to investigate, create and explore.